buffaloBARRE® The Barre Fitness program

Do you want a workout that will melt your fats but do not have the time to go to the gym? buffaloBARRE® offers streaming workout videos that will allow you to workout in your home, at the office or anywhere at your own convenient time.

A workout is an important aspect if you want to stay healthy and fit. Even if you go on a diet, it is the physical activity that a workout promotes that will burn your fats. While a lot of people want to burn their excess fats, only a few have the discipline and the time to go to the gym.

buffaloBARRE® is one of the leaders in the barre fitness program. The Barre fitness program may look like you are in a ballet class, but you actually are not. The workout may include some pirouettes and plies but it actually is a combination of dance, Pilates, Yoga and some functional training.

The buffaloBARRE® studio is operated and owned by Maria McKendry, a Certified Barre Instructor, Sports Nutrition Specialist, NSCA Certified Personal Trainer, Physical Therapist and successful athlete. In March 2012, she introduced the barre fitness program in Buffalo New York.

Maria developed a program consisting of the best of what the Barre Fitness Program can offer. Her studio offers classes in Beginner Barre, Yoga, Pilatis Sculpt, Dance Cardio, Circuit Training, Power Core, Kickboxing and a lot more.

Maria offers all these classes together with Nora Egan-Green, a Certified buffaloBARRE® and ACE Group Fitness Instructor. Maria and Nora both developed the online fitness video programs.

The buffaloBARRE® Streaming Workout Videos

The buffaloBARRE® Streaming Workout Videos were created for those who do not have the time to go to the buffaloBARRE® studio or those who do a lot of traveling.

Upon subscription to the buffaloBARRE® Streaming Workout Videos, you will immediately receive your videos consisting of:

• Different buffaloBARRE® workouts so you can choose the one that is suitable for you.

• Everything you need to know about the buffaloBARRE®

• Each level of the buffaloBARRE® workouts are explained complete with illustrations.

• Expert advice on which workout is suitable for your needs.

• Tips to help you easily get started as a beginner of these type of workouts.

These streaming workout videos include Warm-up Newbie Barre, Cardio, Core, Reduce Physique, Upper Physique and a lot more. Each video is between 5 to 20 minutes long and can be incorporated with your own exercise regime. You can also put the workouts together to create your own personalized workout.

Minimum equipment is needed to do these workouts because most of the exercises use only your body. Clients who go to the buffaloBARRE® studio have seen huge improvements in their bodies. The same effect can also be achieved with the buffaloBARRE® Streaming Workout Videos.

The workout videos aim to challenge and strengthen your body so you will get the feeling of being energized while at the same time burning as much fats as you can.

The videos were created in such a way that you will have short exercises and rest periods. This aims to improve your metabolism and to develop an after-burn outcome. This means that by doing the exercises in the video, you will continue to burn fat even after working out and sleeping.

The workouts do not require any complicated and special equipment. The buffaloBARRE® Streaming Workout Videos will benefit you in a lot of ways:

• Low impact workout

• Better flexibility

• Improve back posture and support

• Encourage endorphin production

• Stress Reliever

• Stretches body muscles to the maximum to create a “barre high” that burns fats

• Works on the body’s largest group of muscles ( glutes, hanstrings, quadriceps)

• Works on the entire body

• Maintain core balance

• Effective workout which takes a short time

• Great feeling after each workout

The buffaloBARRE® Online Fitness Videos can help you burn about 550 calories.

Starting Off with the buffaloBARRE® Streaming Workout Videos

To avail of the online videos simply log into the buffaloBARRE® website and sign-up for a monthly subscription. You will then have access to an entire library of fun and easy to follow workouts to make your daily exercise interesting and enjoyable.

Upon subscription, you will have access to 11 The buffaloBARRE® Online Fitness Videos. New videos are uploaded every month. All subscriptions are auto-renew but you can cancel anytime.


• Access to an entire library of buffaloBARRE® workouts upon sign-up

• New video uploaded every month

• Workout can be done anytime and from anywhere

• Short, interesting and fun workout

• Highly affordable considering the results it can give to your body not to mention that the videos will also help boost your confidence.

• The workouts will help you achieve your fitness goals in a short time.

• Availing of the buffaloBARRE® Streaming Workout Videos is risk-free with a 60-day money back guarantee.


• Slow Internet connection can hamper your workout

A Solution

Are you always struggling to burn those excess fats in your body? Were the fitness programs you have tried too difficult to follow? Have you tried a lot of workouts but none seemed to have worked for you? Do you want to do workouts that are fun instead of boring?

The buffaloBARRE® Streaming Workout Videos are ideal for those who want to work out to burn fats but do not have the time to go to the gym. All that is needed is an Internet connection and you could do a quick workout anytime and regardless of where you are. No special equipment is needed, too.

Anyone can do all of the workouts. They are not in any way intimidating. They are easy to follow because they consist of small movements and body flexibility. Even if you have never done any fitness regimen or cannot dance, you will be able to do the workouts with ease.

The online workouts were created to make working out fun. It simulates a real class in the gym and will encourage you to keep on going until you burn as much fats as you can. With these workouts you can also discover the strength your body is capable of.


The buffaloBARRE® Streaming Workout Videos has a specific workout for everyone. Doing the workouts does not require the use of any equipment. With these streaming workout videos, you do not need to struggle too much to burn your excess fats.

Not everyone has the time to go to the gym but it is the goal of everyone to burn excess fats and boosts their confidence. The buffaloBARRE® Streaming Workout Videos provides the best solution.

Take advantage of what these workout videos can offer and feel energized, less stresses and more confident while burning your excess fats.