The Keto Beginning

The Keto Beginning is a new approach to help you achieve weight loss with a concrete plan. Loosing weight is not only all about working out in the gym and counting your calorie intake. You also need to engage in a program that compliments your body and specific needs. There is one such program that uses a different approach toward weight loss.

If you have tried almost every weight loss program and still have not achieved your desired weight, the Keto Beginning program may be for you. This program will get you in the best shape through an enhanced Paleo version, an approach that helps you to be healthy and lean by working on your genetics. With the Keto Beginning program you will be able to achieve your desired body weight, the natural way.

The Keto Beginning was created by food blogger Leanne Vogel. For eight years she was suffering from adrenal dysfunction, hypothyroidism and amenorrhea. Being a holistic nutritionist she avoided medication and found a natural way to manage her conditions and in the process lost weight. She achieved these through the Keto Diet.

How the Keto Beginning Works

The Keto Beginning is a weight loss program good for 30 days that focuses on how much, when and what food to eat.

The Keto Beginning Program aims to show you a diet that will enhance your body’s fat burning capability. The program provides strategies you can do on a daily basis to achieve your weight loss goal.

The program’s strategies involve a high fat, moderate protein and low carbohydrate diet. The food choices in the program are delicious. This will ensure that you will remain in the program until you achieve your weight loss and health goals. The program makes use of nutritional ketosis as the power for good health.

Your body goes into ketosis when it is almost powered by fats. This is usually the case when you are strictly on a low carb-high fat diet because your body is highly adaptive to what you eat. When your diet is high in fats and low in carbs, ketones (burned fats) will be burned and become your body’s main energy source.

The Keto Diet is a high fat, low carb diet. The main goal of the Keto diet is for your body to be in in the state of ketosis and it is achieved by cutting down on carbohydrates rather than on calories.

When you are in a high carb diet, your body produces insulin and glucose. Glucose easily converts into energy, thus it is often chosen as an energy source. With glucose as the main energy source, the fats in your body are of no use and are only stored. Stored fats result in weight gain.

The keto beginning outlines the Keto Diet Plan as well as information on how to be successful with the diet plan.

The Keto Diet is one of the most popular diet programs today. This ketogenic diet works on shifting the metabolism that powers your body to deposits of fats rather than sugar. The Keto Diet will allow the fast burning of body fats and provide your body with a wide range of health benefits.

My Story

After giving birth I never lost the excess weight I gained. As a matter of fact I even gained more weight. Ever since I gained so much weight my scoliosis has made me more uncomfortable. I tried almost everything I could get my hands on. I worked out in the gym. I counted calories. I tried numerous diet programs that promised weight loss. I could have resulted to slight starvation had I not stumbled into the Keto Beginning Program and the Healthful Pursuit (podcast videos).

Fifteen days into the program and I have so far lost 4 pounds. I have been eating more than when I was trying to lose weight but I have lost weight! I also noticed that my scoliosis has been seldom bothering me. I am starting to feel good about my body again. I am so powered up.

Why Get Into the Keto Beginning Program

Getting into the Keto Beginning Program will give you a lot of benefits. Read on and see what you can expect from this extraordinary diet program:

• You Do Not Have to Deprive Yourself

With this diet program, you will be able to achieve your weight loss goals without depriving yourself of good food. Say good-bye to diet plans that require you to count calories and monitor everything you eat. This diet program will also allow you to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

• An Honest to Goodness Guide to Clean Eating

The recipes included in this diet program do not contain sugar, gluten, dairy, legumes, grains and similar food items. This type of menu promotes clean eating. The program includes 70-high fat and low-carb recipes.

• Scientific Explanation

The methods outlined in the program all have scientific explanations. The goal of this program is to put a stop to the cycle of blood sugar levels transitioning from high to low. The cycle makes it a challenge for you to have normal cravings for food. This causes you to overeat. When you are able to crash the cycle, you will then be able to sustain having a healthy diet.

• Be a Fat Burning Machine

Once you have embraced the program, your body will be converted into a burning machine. When you do exactly as the program details, you will be able to burn calories throughout the entire day. Additionally, fats will no longer remain stored in your body because they will now be your body’s energy source.

Other Benefits

Once you have completely embraced the program, other than weight loss, you will also be enjoying these benefits:

• Improved levels of cholesterol.

• A low carbohydrate diet will improved your energy and focus because your insulin level is kept to a minimum.

• Blood sugar levels will improve because of low insulin levels.

The Keto Beginning Program concentrates more on fat intake rather on carbohydrates.

Signs You Need the Keto Beginning Program

Be conscious of this signs and decide to get into the Keto Beginning Program to counteract these problems:

• You were into the Paleo Program but felt it was not for you.

• You are grappling with weight gain caused by a hormonal imbalance.

• You feel sleepy after eating.

• Have irregular blood sugar levels

• You need a sugar-free diet.

• You eat a lot but do not seem to get full.

• You are always craving for food.

• You have tried numerous diet plans but most suck and nothing seems to work.

• You want to try something new.

• You want to feel energized.

The list can go on and on but the bottom line is, when everything else failed, the Keto Beginning Program has a high chance of working for you.

How Keto Beginning Can Help You

When you have tried almost every diet plan you have heard of and nothing seemed to suit you, the Keto Beginning may be the one you have been waiting for. It is loaded with strategies for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle using effective nutrition and food preparation techniques.

The Keto Beginning will show you what types of food will place your body in a state of ketosis so you can achieve your ideal weight without being deprived. It will also allow you have the capability to end your obsession for food with firm schedules of when to eat.

The Keto Beginning will also boost your energy without depending on constant eating. You will be confident of your body and lead a healthy lifestyle minus the counting of calories. More importantly, you will regain your self-respect and self-worth because you feel good about your body and what you have become.

The Keto Beginning includes 70 low carb, moderate protein and high fat ketogenic recipes that do not contain sugar, gluten, legumes and grain. It also includes a detailed meal plan good for 30 days. All these lead you the healthy lifestyle you have been looking for in diet programs.

In addition to the low carb diet, the Keto Beginning gears away from the low-carb diet of the Paleo program that has allergens. It instead uses organic and fresh food that is packed with nutrients and alkaline reducing the stress on the digestive system which leads to a transformed lifestyle.

The Keto Beginning includes all the ingredients to ensure a healthy lifestyle with reduced calories, more saturated fats, enhanced cell growth and a lot more health benefits.

What You Will Get from the Keto Beginning

With the Keto Begininning you will be getting a Beginner’s Guide that shows you how to regain your confidence in your body and how to regulate your metabolism created by food movement leader. It contains 17 chapters with detailed information on how be in a nutritional ketosis state and how to maintain such with a low-carb, moderate protein and high fat diet excluding cereals, legumes and dairy products.

A daily meal plan good for 30 days which is free of gluten, sugar, legume and grain. Meals consist of energetic food ensuring quick results.

The Keto Beginning also includes weekly shopping lists of the ingredients (whole food).

The Keto Beginning features recipes with whole food (minimal to no procession) ingredients and easy to make. The 70 recipes feature food low in carbs, moderate in protein and high in fats, 20 of which are Paleo-based recipes that are free of gluten, sugar, legume and grain. These recipes will lead your body to be in a nutritional ketoses state. Recipes come with easy to follow instructions and pictures.

The Keto Beginning proves that keeping a body that burns fats, based on the keto diet, daily does not require any effort, is appetizing and extremely rewarding.

With simple and easy food preparation, the Keto Beginning is an amazing tool for a lifetime of healthy living.

The Keto Beginning comes with a money back guarantee.

Grab a Keto Beginning now for only $25 and empower your body to achieve a healthy body that will last a lifetime.